Wallingford, CT – Image of 1836 woodcut. Click on the image for some Wallingford history.


Wallingford, CT 1836

The Town of Wallingford.  Original Plan AD 1670.

The Town of Wallingford. Original Plan AD 1670.

The following insert of the history of Wallingford has been entered here from “An historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden …   By Charles Bancroft Gillespie, George Munsor Curtis, Journal Publishing Company, Meriden, CT 1906.” Further digitized by Google.

“So the town of Wallingford began with all the planters settled in a compact little village with home lots of six acres each arranged on a street at the top of the hill the present Main street. At the south end were grouped the elderly men while at the northern end were young men several not then married. We can imagine what a busy community it must have been for some time the building of houses the laying out of streets the clearing away of forests the breaking of virgin soil under the plow must have kept every member of the little town thoroughly occupied. Material of all kinds and household furniture and supplies were largely brought from New Haven in boats for at this period the Quinnipiac river contained much more water than at present as we will learn by subsequent records.”

Note: This website is solely created for and maintained by people who live in and love the town of Wallingford


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